Four years since US invasion in Iraq: Without a single moment for cause of celebrating anything

March 20, 2007 at 8:58 am (business as usual, connections, irak, responsibility, united states)

Fracaso monumental contra la humanidad: Cuatro aƱos de EEUU en Irak:

Tenderly I imagine from many hearts there in my country, and to those many hearts in Irak:

In my country, the US, the States, maybe there are many of us not yet 100% in the cacoon of our own disconnected spinnings: A silent requiem that eats away at our being and our sense, that destroys savagely our reference point to any hope of achieving that long-lost sensation near our own general wellbeing. Questions gnaw us from the inside: “How are we* so broken apart and passive, How is it that we are surrendered and placid in the business-as-usual face of such tremendous violence? By family members and by tax dollars, this militarization is something I am directly connected to: Yet what is even said by those so-distant-from witnessing, and yet so-close-to the funding of such imense saddness?

For me, first a long apology through prayer (ceremony) and there putting a lot of effort and breathing to imagine the wellbeing for the Iraki people. Later a ceremony for myself and people I know who have a direct connection to this war, and for all of this land under heavy boots, to imagine with all my heart a widespread sense of peace,and later praying that we never abandon remembering that there is the responsibility for what we know.

I give a delicate and light cleanse for what weighs on me, and pray for reaching the health of learning how to carry this. Then finally a little celebration for the strength and courage deep down for being who I am, and I sing this for myself to my heart.


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