You can say a lot in a little space

April 19, 2007 at 7:45 am (connections, environment, food security, relationship work)


Are you swimming over there? Underwater and without electricity?

Is everyone

marveling at the violence of our culture that saturates

our lives?

There are earth quaking here on faults bigger than my own.

And while it all moves I am

slipping and



A n d y e t ?


the soles of my shoes and city concrete say a lot in just a little space

between the earth and my feet:

“Best to think with your heart and keep it moving–”

You imagine the inner busy body chismoso shocked gasping through some time-like-dimension,

Like we were left here sitting to wonder

about adapting to

losing bees.



  1. andrea said,

    this is so beautiful, i am so glad you wroteitandpostedit. it is good to read your magic words it is a very wonderful poem weaves a nice comfort blanket. i love you

  2. andrea said,

    blog and blog comment, little and the venue of communication a narrow box

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